2017 Advanced Technology Summer Camps

Dream It. Do it. Virginia Advanced Technology Camps introduce older youth to the manufacturing design process in a fun and interactive format.  The camps are an innovative way to educate students, parents and teachers about manufacturing careers.  During the camps, a variety of activities structure each day, including tours, lectures, and manufacturing demonstrations. Additionally, a competitive manufacturing assignment is built into the camp where students are divided into teams and given time to collaborate and work on their assignment with the knowledge and expertise of industry engineers from multiple disciplines.

DIDIVA Advanced Technology Camp Highlights:

  • Hands-on experience with manufacturing and engineering technologies.
  • An in-depth view of applied technologies in manufacturing.
  • An understanding of what it takes to make a product and grow a business
  • A friendly competition with other students in designing, building, and running a manufacturing system.
  • Learn from engineers and technical experts.
  • See robotics and automation at work.