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Highlights from 2016 ITAC Hopewell Summer Camp


Save the Date - MFG Day is October 7, 2016


Manufacturing Day℠ is a celebration of modern manufacturing meant to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Although Manufacturing Day officially occurs on the first Friday in October—this year is Oct 7, 2016—any day can be a Manufacturing Day. Check back for additional details!

MSI Presents Nationally-Recognized Certification Program


RICHMOND, VA – The Manufacturing Skills Institute (MSI), the workforce affiliate of the Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA), is recognized as a “Competency Model in Action” by the Competency Model Clearinghouse. The Competency Model Clearinghouse is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) Employment and Training Administration (ETA). The goal of the clearinghouse is to inform the public workforce system about the value, development, and uses of innovative competency models. According to the USDOL ETA, a competency model provides a clear description of what a person needs to know and be able to do – the knowledge, skills, and abilities – to perform well in a specific job, occupation, or industry. Read about MSI’s Competency Model at: MSI’s Competency Model in Action will be presented at the National Association of Workforce Boards (NAWB) annual conference on Monday, March 14, 2016. Katherine DeRosear, MSI Partnership Architect, will present on the USDOL ETA panel discussing Accelerating Pathways to Credentials. DeRosear will articulate the Return on Value for adopting the MSI Competency Model in Action and how it is replicable nationwide. The MSI “model in action” is a community-based partnership model to reduce employer hiring costs, increase the pool of qualified applicants and enhance the baseline skills of the workforce. Using the MSI competency model, partners create a “manufacturing work ready” workforce by closing interest and skills gaps in the talent pipeline. Collectively, the MSI network of academic and workforce partners: (1) deliver foundational training and certification; (2) promote career awareness and planning in schools, colleges, and workforce job centers; and (3) re-image advanced manufacturing careers. Foundational training and certification – MSI has developed several certifications, products and services which now link the needs of manufacturers to its 53 academic and workforce partners in seven states. The MSI’s “flagship” certification program, the Manufacturing Technician Level 1 (MT1) ©, addresses the core industry-wide skills standards required for skilled production occupations in all manufacturing industries. The MT1© certification “stacks” upon the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) and can be awarded up to six (6) advanced standing credits toward higher education degrees with specific educational institutions. The MT1© is also included in the NAM-Endorsed National Skills Certification System. Promoting career awareness and planning - MSI has developed an industry-focused career engagement system that provides an accurate depiction of advanced manufacturing occupations at Re-imaging careers in modern manufacturing – MSI’s three-time award winning “So What Do You Do?” marketing campaign provides a window into advanced manufacturing. By stating important and exciting contributions to the industry and society, the branding makes students

and jobseekers alike consider manufacturing as a realistic career option for entry employment and career advancement. Not attending the NAWB conference? You can also hear more about the MSI Competency Model in Action in the following podcasts: Episode 11 Part A: Manufacturing Jobs on the Horizon Part B: MSI Partner Reflections For Podcast Clips: The podcasts feature the following MSI partners: DuPont, Optical Cable, Liebherr, Wilson Workforce Rehabilitation Center, Community College Workforce Alliance, Virginia Western Community College, Virginia Department of Education, Phoebus High School - Hampton City Public Schools, Tidewater Community College Center for Military and Veterans Education, Virginia Values Veterans. Related Links Manufacturing Skills Institute - Dream it. Do it. Virginia Career Engagement System - About the MSI The industry-led Manufacturing Skills Institute (MSI) is the workforce development affiliate of the non-profit Virginia Manufacturers Association. It provides relevant education and skills training for careers in advanced manufacturing by offering world-class training programs delivered by MSI academic and workforce partner institutions. Through the partnership between industry and education, employers set the skill standards for MSI program offerings anywhere offered to ensure learning is linked to employment and career advancement opportunities.

Governor McAuliffe Signs New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Program Law


RICHMOND, VA – Governor McAuliffe today signed into law House Bill 66 and Senate Bill 576, creating the New Economy Workforce Credential Grant Fund and Program. These new laws will establish a workforce training program and incentivize real career pathways through industry-credential attainment for high-demand occupations at community colleges and higher education centers. Between 40-65% of all jobs over the next decade will require these middle-skill credentials. Governor McAuliffe also announced that the final two-year state budget contains $12.5 million for credential grants. These funds will be exclusively for non-credit workforce training programs leading to industry- recognized credentials of high-demand occupations. “Help people identify their unique talents, support their development, add some teamwork skills, and you will have a dedicated, committed workforce,” said Gary Forget, Chair of VMA Workforce Development Committee and Regional Vice President Human Resources for Group Trucks Operations, Cab & Vehicle Assembly Americas, Volvo. “I am excited about the prospects that this bill will bring forward and the new opportunities that will be presented to Virginians,” said Nat Marshall, Vice Chair of VMA Workforce Development Committee and Senior Human Resources Specialist, BWX Technologies Inc. The VMA Workforce Development Committee serves as Industry’s AdvocateTM on issues impacting the recruitment, retention, development and advancement of a skilled workforce and a competitive workplace in Virginia, and works closely with the VMA’s workforce affiliate, the Manufacturing Skills Institute (MSI).

The Virginia Board of Workforce Development, SCHEV and each eligible institution will protect the integrity of the program to assure results. The grant requires the student to pay one-third of the program costs, with additional responsibility for another one-third of the program costs if he or she does not complete the training. Conversely, the eligible education institution is responsible for one-third of the costs if they do not get the student through the program. “The VMA has been the leading business organization driving the modernization of Virginia’s workforce development system for a decade. We are incredibly proud of Delegate Kathy Byron for her tireless leadership,” said Brett Vassey, President & CEO of Virginia Manufacturers Association. “We are also appreciative of the partnership that this bill has forged between industry, the community colleges, the higher education centers, the legislature and Governor McAuliffe’s Administration.” The MSI is dedicated to closing the skills gaps in the U.S. workforce through its partner network by 2020. The MSI is creating partnerships with academic and workforce institutions to close the skills and career planning gaps for emerging and incumbent workers, transitioning military, unemployed individuals and career changers. MSI Academic and Workforce Partners include 19 of Virginia’s 23 community colleges and the Southern Virginia Higher Education Center. “MSI Partners offer MSI Workforce Solutions through their training programs and over the last year they have enhanced access to industry credentials so that they could respond to the needs of manufacturers in their region,” said Vanessa H. Rastberger, MSI Workforce Solutions Manager. About the VMA Since 1922 the Virginia Manufacturers Association (VMA) has served as Industry’s AdvocateTM and our mission is to create the best business environment in the United States for world-class advanced technology businesses to manufacture and headquarter their companies for maximum productivity and profitability. As the only statewide association exclusively dedicated to manufacturers and their allies, the VMA is member- centric and has a professional staff dedicated to legislative and regulatory affairs, workforce development, member services, communications and business services. For more information about the VMA, including our mission and vision, awards and staff information, please visit our website at About the MSI The Manufacturing Skills Institute (MSI) provides relevant education and skills training for careers in advanced manufacturing by offering world-class training programs delivered by MSI academic and workforce partner institutions. Through the partnership between industry and education, employers set the skill standards for MSI program offerings anywhere offered to ensure learning is linked to employment and career advancement opportunities. Working learners advance their manufacturing technology knowledge and skills via OJT classes, classroom-based and online training offered by MSI Academic and Workforce partners and grounded in real word experience. For more information about MSI, visit

2016 Manufacturing Technology Camp Schedule


June 6-9 -- Franklin County High School Advanced Technology Camp

July 27-30 -- ITAC/H-PG Chamber, Chester, Virginia

July 26-30 -- STIHL, Virginia Beach

To apply click the Explore drop down and under Technology Camp click on "Find one in your area" to see more information and submit application.

The 2016 DIDVA Camp Schedule will continue to be posted as new camps register.

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Carson City Library First in Nation to Offer Manufacturing Training Program


Carson City Library first in nation to offer manufacturing training program.

Carson By Teri Vance

Carson City workers will soon be able to earn an entry-level manufacturing certification through a new program being offered at the Carson City Library, the first library in the nation to do so.

“Carson City has a good blueprint for a brighter future, and these kinds of action-oriented solutions make a difference,” said Mayor Bob Crowell. “I am very proud of the leadership of our Library Board of Trustees as well as the many more hands who contributed to this project.”

Through a Library Services Technology Act grant, the library is working with Western Nevada College and the Carson City School District to offer training and certification for manufacturing jobs.

Students enrolled in courses at WNC can receive the Manufacturing Technician Level 1 certification training along with their regular studies, or those interested can take the course at the library.

Tammy Westergard, business manager of the library, said the idea was born during a meeting of community leaders, including the governor’s office, as part of Nevada’s Working Capital initiative.

“You don’t just bring Tesla to town without having a parallel workforce training,” she said. She said the library secured the funding for two instructors at the college and a trainer at the library, who will be Director Sena Loyd.

“We answered the call,” Westergard said. “As a free and public institution, the library is uniquely accessible and can complement workforce training happening in the formal classroom.” Fundamentally the library is delivering on the American promise of helping folks gain marketable skills.”

The MT1 certification is offered through the Virginia Manufacturers Association’s Manufacturing Skills Institute. “The Carson City Public Library is visionary in creating regional collaboration to close the skills gaps faced by manufacturers in the Northern Nevada region,” said Katherine DeRosear, executive director of the Manufacturing Skills Institute. “It is a fitting role for the library to link learning to earning by offering the MT1 certificate program, resulting in individuals equipped with industry credentials and prepared for jobs in manufacturing throughout the region.”

Mike Jackson, of Micromanipulator, applauded the school district and college for their increased focus on developing manufacturing skills, but pointed out it will take several years to see the fruits of that labor. He said this training has the potential to provide results almost immediately.

“We really need a workforce we can pull from right now,” he said. “This program has the capability to improve the current pool of workers in Carson City.”

DeRosear said a key to the success of the program has been the support of Ray Bacon, executive director of the Nevada Manufacturers Association.

“There is no more important element for successful implementation of the Manufacturing Technician Level 1 certificate program, than to have industry collaboration with the public library system and community colleges,” she said.

Westergard said the certification costs $300, but scholarships are available. She expects the program to be started by July. For more information about the training, visit